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Wonder SHEET

The 'Wonder Sheet' is an effective therapeutic tool because it can make your mobility in bed easier.

The satin panel, which is 90cm long, sits under your shoulders, back and hips and allows you to slide your hips over more easily without having to lift them. It's also particularly helpful when getting in and out of bed because you can pivot on your hips without worrying about the friction from normal cotton sheets.

This unique design creatively combines 'Glossy Charmeuse' satin and a 50/50 blend cotton/polyester fabric which is beautiful to sleep on while being very durable.

Please Note: The 35cm depths are suitable for mattresses up to 30cm. The 45cm depths are suitable for mattresses up to 40 cm deep. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Paula Musson
Great product

I bought the wonder sheet for myself. I am paraplegic with shoulder weakness and had trouble turning in bed. The wonder sheet was a game changer from the first transfer. Now it is so much easier to transfer on and off my bed as well as turning over during the night. You just slide. I wish I'd found these years ago.
Thank you so much!

Hi Paula, I’m so happy to hear you’re finding the Wonder Sheet so helpful. I’m sorry you didn’t find it earlier ☹but I’m glad you found it eventually

Lyn Whitby
Just as described in advertising.

The satin insert makes it very easy to turn over in bed. Washes well.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review Lyn. I’m glad to hear its helping and you like that it washes well

Lesley Evans

It is not quite as brilliant as I thought it would be but I am glad to have it. With winter clothes it is not so easy to use but it may be better in the summer

Thank you for your feedback Lesley. I’m sorry to hear you think its not what you thought it would be ☹ I’d like to know what you mean by ‘winter clothes’, your pj’s? It doesn’t really matter what you wear.

Charity Mcdonald
Used for after surgery

I recently purchased a wonder sheet to prepare for after my Caesarean. I thought this would be ideal to help with getting in and out of bed post operation. I purchased during my third trimester. And used it straight away. I wish I had purchased this earlier. As during the third trimester, I was struggling with rolling and moving in bed. This sheet helped immensely during that time. And made getting up during the middle of the night with a newborn very easy. We are still using this sheet 3 month after baby was born. I would highly recommend for any expecting mother, Especially after a Caesarean

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Charity. I absolutely agree with you. I used (and still do of course) the 'Wonder Sheet' while I was pregnant with our son and afterwards as I had a Caesarean too. I don't advertise to the 'pregnant' demographic but maybe I should start :-)

Vivien Spiccia

Helped enormously with bed mobility and reduced anxiety of not being able to move in bed. Brilliant!

I was so happy to read your review Vivien and hear that you’ve found the Wonder Sheet so helpful