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Wonder SHEET

The 'Wonder Sheet' is an effective therapeutic tool because it can make your mobility in bed easier.

The satin panel, which is 90cm long, sits under your shoulders, back and hips and allows you to slide your hips over more easily without having to lift them. It's also particularly helpful when getting in and out of bed because you can pivot on your hips without worrying about the friction from normal cotton sheets.

This unique design creatively combines 'Glossy Charmeuse' satin and a 50/50 blend cotton/polyester fabric which is beautiful to sleep on while being very durable.

Please Note: The 35cm depths are suitable for mattresses up to 30cm. The 45cm depths are suitable for mattresses up to 40 cm deep. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Vivien Spiccia

Helped enormously with bed mobility and reduced anxiety of not being able to move in bed. Brilliant!

I was so happy to read your review Vivien and hear that you’ve found the Wonder Sheet so helpful


Beautifully made sheet. Washes very nicely. It almost works too well for my mom who has Parkinson's Disease. It is so slick she almost slides off the edge when we help her transfer out of bed. We put a small bed pad on top of the silk part and it works wonderfully making transfers easier on us all.

Thank you very for your feedback. I'm so happy to hear its making movement in bed easier for your mum. If you feel a little unsure about the satin going all the way to the sides you could consider the Wonder PLUS next time.

Ruth Pickering
Meets expectations as advertised.

This sheet is really well constructed and easy care.
It has also been beneficial in moving and turning in bed for my husband who has some mobility issues.

Thank you for sharing your feedback Ruth. I’m glad you like it and best of all, its helping your husband

Rhona C
Thankful beyond words

I have now purchased two of your satin insert fitted sheets for my elderly father who has Parkinson’s. They have dramatically improved his ability to get into and out of bed without assistance. Additionally, an issue that arose from my mistakenly ordering the wrong size on the second sheet was responded to in a timely manner when I contacted Neeki about it. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

Thank you for your kind words Rhona and I’m so so happy to hear your dad finds the Wonder Sheet helpful :-)

Kaye Vague
Very Beneficial

My husband has Parkinson's Disease and had difficulty turning over in bed.
With the Wonder Sheet, he finds it much easier to roll over in bed, which is wonderful.
He doesn't have satin boxers or pyjamas, but finds nylon shorts still work perfectly.
A great idea.
We'll be buying another sheet so that there's always one on the bed.

Thank you for your review Kaye and I’m so happy to hear your husband finds the Wonder Sheet helpful. Initially, I usually suggest NOT to wear satin sleepwear until you get use to the Wonder Sheet and find out how much easier it is to turn over on. As you’ve worked out , it doesn’t really matter what you choose to wear or not wear