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About Us

Hi there, thanks for visiting my website.
I want to share with you how the 'Wonder Sheet' came about. 
The business name 'Neeki' comes from my name, Dominique. My nickname when I was little was 'Nikki'. I liked it and still do. I wanted to use it in some way as it meant something, so we tweaked it and came up with 'Neeki'. 
I started my business in 2003 after dad asked mum and I if we could find something that could help him be able to turn over in bed more easily. It goes back even further than that.
My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at just 39 years old. I was only 10 years old! I had no idea what it meant or what was going to happen. I remember asking mum, 'Is dad going to die?'
20 years on, dad's mobility in bed started to really deteriorate and he was find it very difficult to turn over on normal cotton sheets. He said there was too much friction and he couldn't slide his hips over. He use to have to sit up and then try and lift his hips to roll to the other side. Dad got some relief when he wore satin boxer shorts because he was able to slide his hips without having to lift them. His back and shoulders still got stuck though.
Mum and I put our heads together and started to look around for something that might help dad with his mobility in bed but we didn't find anything suitable he liked. 
After many months with no success mum and I thought why don't we just make something ourselves. The Textiles and Design class during high school came in handy. 
We finally decided that satin was the key. It was durable, comfortable and luxurious without feeling clinical. It was all about the position of the satin that made it work so well.
We had design something that worked and dad loved it.
We called it the 'Wonder Sheet'!
My business has grown and diversified over the years to be able to service and satisfy different target markets and demographics. I'm proud to deliver a high level of service along with excellent communication, so you're not left guessing where your order is. I don't like to over promise, which means YOU won't get disappointed.
The benefits of the Wonder Sheet were fantastic and the feedback and comments said it all. I went from solving a problem for my dad to being called an entrepreneur. I've certainly had plenty of ups and downs and found out running a business is not for the faint hearted. 
I hope you enjoy and benefit from the 'Wonder Sheet' as much as my dad did. Love you dad xx
Dominique :-)