About Us

Hi there, thank you for visiting our website. Thought you might like to know more about the website and how we came about. The business name 'Neeki' comes from my name actually. Kids at school started to call me 'Dommy' and mum didn't like it so she changed it totally and I became known as 'Nikki'. I still get called both Nikki, along with Dommy or Dom. 
The business has grown and diversified over the years to be able to service and satisfy different target markets with a high level of service that's prompt, along with excellent communication so you're not left guessing where your order is. We don't like to over promise which means you won't get disappointed.
We started the business back in 2003 with a fitted sheet we called the 'Wonder Sheet'!
Myself and my mum created this design to help my dad who had Parkinson's disease since diagnosed at 39years of age in 1983. He started to have problems turning over in bed on normal sheets so with my background in textiles and designs, we put different fabrics to the test.
We finally decided that satin was the key. It was the most durable, comfortable, luxurious and accessible fabric on the market and it worked amazingly and felt beautiful without feeling clinical. It was all about the position of the satin that made it work so well.
The therapeutic benefits were fantastic and the feedback from other sufferers was so good it turned into a hobby. I juggled two jobs. I enjoyed helping people. With the support from loved ones and with a real passion I gave up all the jobs and pursued a range of bed linen that everyone can enjoy. 
If you're looking for bed linen that has therapeutic benefits that makes turning over a breeze, or maybe a unique style of bed linen that will make you feel sexy and luxurious, or maybe you need a set of sheets to fit your yacht, motor home or any odd size or shaped mattress you have, we have something that will fit your requirements.
The Neeki bed linen collections have been designed to keep the needs of the individual in mind, from practicality to individuality and style, to offering therapeutic benefits that make life that bit easier to luxury and uniqueness that makes you feel special.
Thank you again for visiting our website. Enjoy :-)