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  • Anne said;Turns out the Wonder Sheet has made life pretty darn good. My granddaughter who has SMA can now sit herself up on it, slide side to side to play with things on her bed and my daughter says she hardly has to touch her to roll at night. Awesome product!! Thanks Dominique.
  • Richelle said;Just letting you know that the Wonder Sheet has been really good for my daughter. It has made it a little easier for her to try and move herself when in bed. Thanks again for your time at the Source Kids Expo.
  • Carolyn said; My partner loves the Wonder Sheet. As he has Parkinson's he finds it hard to turn or move in bed. The unique design enables him to move with ease. Your service was great. The sheets were received quickly after ordering and you were great to deal with. I would happily recommend Neeki to others.
  • Therese said; Thank you for the sheet. My husband used it for the first time last night and the first thing he said this morning was, 'my best sleep ever'.
  • Maureen said; Let me congratulate you on a perfect product. The measurement is just right and the satin is in just the right position. My husband is very happy with the comfort. I will be very happy to tell others about the Wonder Sheet. Good luck with your wonderful business idea. 
  • Robyn said; I love your story about the Wonder Sheet. We have a 11 year old who has spinal muscular astrophy. He can't turn in bed on his own. Like your dad he was wearing satin boxer shorts but it wasn't enough. So we purchased your sheet and night time has changed. Easy to flip and no stress on him. Thanks for being at ATSA as we wouldn't have known about your product. I'll pass on your info to all that could use some help.
  • Margaret said; Just letting you know that the sheet arrived last Friday afternoon! Robin, my husband, is absolutely delighted with it so I will be ordering another Queen sized sheet from you shortly. Your service is amazing – thank you.
  • Karen said; The Wonder Sheet was recommended to me by my support worker who had seen it in another home. I can tell you it makes life so much easier for my support workers as I am a quadriplegic and need to be moved in bed all the time. 
  • Petah said; I have had Parkinson's disease since 2004 and my mobility has lessened somewhat recently. Moving around in bed was particularly difficult. About 18 months ago my sister in law gave me 2 Wonder Sheets as presents. They are brilliant and one has been on our bed ever since. Just lately I found difficulty getting in and out of bed - the sheets are very helpful as they enable me to 'slide'. Without the sheet I am unable to roll over. One of the very helpful features of the sheet is that they are fitted and have poly/cotton for about 50cm at the top and bottom. This enables the sheets to fit snugly and of course my husband and I are not constantly having to remake the bed. Previously we had satin sheets and they were impossible to keep on the bed. The Wonder Sheet comes with our highest recommendation. We have recommended them to others living with Parkinson's and they also speak highly of them. We never go anywhere without taking one with us. If you have a family member living with Parkinson's the Wonder Sheet would be one of the best possible gifts you could give. 
  • Wendy said; Hi Dominique, I just received my order today and have just made my bed up with the new sheet I ordered. I just want to say I'm so thrilled with the quality of the sheet, the size is just perfect!!! I'm so impressed with your service and quality. Thank you! I have just put my tax in and as soon as my return comes I will be ordering another fitted sheet. I hope you have my size on record as I have had a mattress made especially for my bed frame. Hence why I found your business online almost a year ago, it just took me a little longer to finally order. I will happily recommend your business to my friends and colleagues. I will be in touch soon for another order in the next month. 
  • Di said; Hi Dominique, Got back from yoga today and there were my sheet and duvet cover! I am completely satisfied and happy with the product!! They fit perfectly and my husband also loves the feel of the fabric! Thank you so much and I will definitely be ordering again in the near future. Have a wonderful weekend, Regards Di.
  • Sandra said; Just wanted to let you know that dad slept with the sheet last night he is super happy! I have just ordered a second one for him through your shop. Well done on your design; you are changing peoples lives!
  • Jo said; Dear Dominique, My linen arrived yesterday.  It is perfect. Perfect fit, perfect colour. I love the quality of the poly cotton and the cotton is gorgeous. Thanks so much for providing such great service and taking such care with my order.
  • Robyn said;  Hi Dominique,  I received my order today and I just want to let you know that I am totally delighted with them, they are exactly as I hoped they would be.  Thank you so much, I will be more than happy to recommend your products to my family and friends.
  • Chris said; Just a note to thank you for our sheet sets which arrived yesterday - we are very happy with them - lovely fabric and they fit perfectly.
  • Margaret said; Thank you Dominique. My order arrived today! I do appreciate your personalised attention and your attention to detail.
  • Dianne said: Hi Dominique, I just want to thank you for your creation and design of the Wonder Sheet. It couldn’t be a more apt name. Our aged uncle has Parkinson’s disease and he now finds it so much easier to turn over in bed with the aid of the sheet. I love your story how the Wonder sheet came to be. I hope your business goes from success to success.

    Thank you.

  • Linda said: I received my order on Tuesday this week and I have been testing the sheets out before I wanted to give you my feedback and I just wanted to say thank you they are awesome perfect fit excellent quality so thank you for making my life that little bit easier. 

    I’ll be sure to give my recommendations about your gorgeous products to family and friends.

  • Susan said: Thank you for letting me know the sheets arrived safely. Apparently my care package will pay for them so a receipt would be appreciated. I will recommend your company. I know I don't have the sheets but you service is top notch. In this era of poor service it's good to share the experience. 
  • Corinne said: My husband Stephen was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease early 2016 after 2 years of trying to get a diagnosis. His progress with the PD has been trickling along as expected. However, in February this year he was also diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and, unfortunately, the progession with this condition is much faster. His sleep patterns are dreadful due to both conditions but since having the sheets he isn't waking up quite as much when he needs to turn over. That is a definite benefit for both him and for myself being disturbed. I have also just sent your information to a friend in Melbourne whose daughter has had a bad fall and has a severe back injury. She is now home from hospital and rehab but is having trouble turning in bed so I thought it might be helpful. Hopefully you will get an order from them. Again, a wonderful product! Good on you for making this product available and for dreaming the concept up for your father.  
  • Necole said: Just wanted to say thanks. I have put the sheet on my Daughters bed - it is awesome! She moves so much easier on it and our transfers at night when she needs the toilet are a lot less strain on my body! From a mum’s perspective I definitely need the satin to the edge - maybe the OTs need to suggest rails if there’s a fall risk :-)