You'll find here where the Wonder Sheet is available to trial and/or purchase.
If you can't find anywhere near you please let us know. Your local therapist may already have a Wonder Sheet on hand for you to trial.   

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      The 'Wonder Sheet' collection is what we're passionate about. The Wonder Sheet is a therapeutic fitted sheet. It can benefit anyone but in particular the disability sector including the young, community care, nursing homes and elderly. Physios and OTs can use the Wonder Sheet fitted sheet in conjunction with their own therapy.
      If you are interested in stocking the Wonder Sheet or having a trial sheet to show your clients please send your details and we'll be in touch.
      We pride ourselves for being an Australian owned and run business that is based on the Gold Coast. We think customer service is the most important part to a business so we aim to offer the complete package; a quality product at a great price topped off with fantastic customer service