1/2 & 1/2 Pillowcase Set (2)

A unique style of pillowcase we made for a reason. To help make moving and turning your head on your pillow so much easier.

It uses the same fabric and colours to match the Wonder Sheet design you choose. 'Ecru' (cream colour) goes with the 'original' Wonder Sheet and the 'White' with the Wonder Sheet +PLUS.

Its a standard size pillowcase 45cm x 70cm. It has the gorgeous charmeuse satin on the top side against your head and 50/50 blend poly/cotton sheeting on the underside. It was designed with the poly/cotton fabric on the underside to stop if from moving around while you enjoy the benefits of having the beautiful satin against your head.

We can take moving our head for granted sometimes. If you have a disability, injury or just a sore neck, the process of rolling and turning your head can be difficult and probably painful.
You're now sliding your head and face on satin, not cotton, which means less friction, so its more comfortable against your skin.

Your hair will love you for it too.

Have you ordered your matching Wonder Sheet fitted sheet yet?

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic all round effort, "ahead" of the rest!!

Thank you again for your feedback George. I really appreciate it and I'm glad you're happy with your order :-)

Brilliant product and fantastic service

Fantastic product! Just wonder why I didn't know about it before! Thank you for your great job and excellent product! Incredibly helpful!

Oh wow thank you so much for your feedback Irena. I appreciate great service so I try and do the same in my business. Nice when someone notices it :-)

Geoffrey Cooper


Rex Adamson
Second Purchase

This is our second set of this amazing product. Purchased so we can rotate them through the washing cycle. Fist set still in erfect shape. Highly recommended for any one with mobility issues in the bed.

Thanks Rex. I'm so glad you're happy with your purchase.

Karen Farrugia
1/2 & 1/2 Pillowcase Set

I am giving the gift tomorrow,Christmas Day, so will be able to closely inspect the pillowcases then.Very pleased so far!