1. Is the 'Wonder Sheet fitted sheet' hot to sleep on?
No. Even though it has satin in the design it won't be hot. The design is different but you will end up loving it, especially if it helps with your movement issue. Turning over can be an effort for a lot of us which can get you frustrated and in turn hot and bothered. Using the Wonder Sheet makes turning easier so less effort is required which means you hopefully won't get frustrated and hot and bothered.
2. I'd like to see the 'Wonder Sheet fitted sheet' before I buy one. Do you have stockist?
Yes we do. Have a look on our stockist page for the closest place to you.
3. Can I use the 'Wonder Sheet fitted sheet' if i use a 'kylie'/Connie?
You can but ideally it really needs to go under the Wonder Sheet. If you use the Kylie/Connie over the top of the Wonder Sheet fitted sheet you will find it easier to move and adjust the Kylie/Connie because of the underside of it moves more easily on the Wonder Sheet compared to a normal cotton sheet.
4. Are there different colours in your collections?
The standard Wonder Sheet collection is available in 'ecru' & 'soft gold' which is a cream colour. You can choose a different satin colour if you want to have the Wonder Sheet custom made. You can have 'white', 'black', 'navy' & 'red' in the Cotton Collection and 'white' in the PolyCotton Collection and a variety of satin colours.
5. My mattress is really deep, will your sheets fit?
The Wonder Sheet will comfortably fit a mattress depth up to 28cm deep. If you're not sure please ask us. Our custom collections can be cut at any depth in our local workroom. 
6. Is there a special way to put the 'Wonder Sheet fitted sheet' on the bed?
Find the 'NEEKI' label which is stitched to the outside of one of the corners. Put this corner at the bottom. You'll notice the bottom poly/cotton panel is a bit wider than the top panel.  
7. I have equipment attached or around my bed already. Why should i try the Wonder Sheet fitted sheet?
The Wonder Sheet fitted sheet can work in conjunction with whatever you already have in place. We're not saying for you to get rid of anything you already have. Having a Wonder Sheet you can use independently will make using the other equipment like a bed stick or overhead hoist so much easier. Your body can move more easily on the satin panel which means less effort is required to move.
8. I want to use my credit card.
Sure that's fine. We use the very secure credit card facility called 'Paypal' online or we can take your payment over the phone.
9. Can you ship overseas?
Yes we can. If your country doesn't come up let us know.
10. Do you have to be elderly to benefit from the 'Wonder Sheet fitted sheet'?
No, definitely not. You'll see Bailey in our video, he's a young boy. Anyone of any age with any type of movement problem or disability will benefit. It can be used for a short term problem, like a hip replacement, broken leg or even pregnancy. I've used the Wonder Sheet for years but found it really helpful when i was pregnant to roll over without having to lift my body up.
11. What do I do if I have forgotten my account password?

Type your email in the "Forgot your password" field located on the left. You will receive an email with instructions on retrieving your password.
12. Can I change my account details?

Yes. To make changes to your account details, click "Login" at the bottom of the page. Log-in using your username and password. Once logged in you are able to change your email address, password and billing details. 
13. How long will my order take?
If you have ordered a custom size then our lead time is between 4-6 weeks. Our standard Wonder Sheet collection can dispatch the next day.