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No, the Wonder Sheet isn’t hot.Yes, satin is a polyester but its only in the middle under your shoulders, back and hips, not on your feet which means you won’t over heat.You’ll be able to start turning over in bed with less effort sooner than you think.

Yes you can definitely try the Wonder Sheet before you buy it.We have over 150 stockists Australia wide. Take this link to our stockist page where you’ll see who stocks the Wonder Sheet. Most of our stockists have a display on their showroom floor for customers to see and try. If you can’t find someone near you please let me know.

Yes and no.There’s 2 sides to this question. If you put a Kylie/Connie over the Wonder Sheet then it can defeat the purpose because you won’t be benefiting from the increased mobility the Wonder Sheet can offer. But if you only use the Kylie/Connie during the night and not during the day so much then you can enjoy the benefits of the Wonder Sheet when resting during the day.The Wonder Sheet would be protected under the Kylie/Connie during the night but it does mean though, that turning over during the night wouldn’t be as easy because you’re not directly on the Wonder Sheet.I’ve been told by several carers that its easier to move and adjust the Kylie/Connie when its on the Wonder Sheet compared to a cotton sheet. It can slide more easily and doesn’t get caught up, so its easier and faster for the carer to use.

Yes and NoThe Wonder Sheet is only available in 'ecru' & 'soft gold' combo which are both a cream colour. The Wonder Sheet +PLUS, our new design, is available in ‘white’.You can choose a different satin colour if you wanted to have the ‘original’ Wonder Sheet custom made. Take this link to our custom made made and follow the steps.  

I hope so.Most of the Wonder Sheets are available in both depths, 35cm and 45cm. There are a couple of sizes that have either one. We are growing and introducing new products and sizes so please check our website for updates.The depth size includes the mattress wall plus the undertuck.The 35cm depth will comfortably fit a mattress that is up to 30cm deep and the 45cm depth is good for a mattress between 30 and 40cm. If you need a different depth you can take this link to our custom made page and follow the steps.

Yes there is.Find the 'NEEKI' label which is stitched to the outside of one of the corners. This corner will go at the foot end.Another way to check if you have the Wonder Sheet on the right way is that there should be more sheeting at the bottom than there is at the top.The Wonder Sheet +PLUS design has a NEEKI label as well as a ‘FOOT END’ label, so its easy and faster to work out which way to put it on.

The Wonder Sheet can definitely be used independently but it can work really well in conjunction with other mobility equipment that you may already have, such as a bed pole or grab rail.When you use them together you’re going to be able to move yourself more easily on the satin, so less effort and strain on your body which means less chance of injury

If you order online you can pay with credit card, bank transfer, money order or by cheque.If you ring and place your order we can take payment by credit card over the phone.

Yes we send your Wonder Sheet anywhere.When you’re ordering online you should see your country as a destination but if you don’t please let me know.

No, definitely not.You'll see Bailey in our video and notice that he's a young boy. In his case its his family and carers who benefit the most from the Wonder Sheet because they need it to make manual handling easier for them and less painful for bailey.Anyone of any age with any type of movement problem or disability will benefit from the WS. It can be used for a short term problem, like a hip replacement, broken leg or an operation.Most mobility issues start when we get older so our biggest demographic is the older person but its certainly not limited to that.I've used the Wonder Sheet for years just because I love sleeping on them but I did find them really helpful when i was pregnant because I could roll over without having to lift my hips.

It depends on where we’re sending it.We are based in Qld so most Eastern states will take between 2-5 days for delivery. If its going to WA then it usually takes between 7-10days. We can dispatch our standard Wonder Sheet the following day with by courier or by Australia post.If you’ve ordered a custom size or colour then our lead time is between 4-6 weeks. You then need to add on the above delivery time.

It depends on a few things.We like to say you’d get at least 5+ years out of your Wonder Sheet but the Wonder Sheet usually undergoes a lot more wear and tear than usual sheets.It also depends on how many you have. If you’ve only got one and constantly washing and wearing it then it won’t last as long as if you have 2 or 3 and were rotating them.We do offer a 12 month warrant which protects you from things like the seams tearing or the stitching coming undone.With anything though, if you look after it and follow the washing/care instructions then it will last longer.