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October 27, 2020 2 min read

I love and hate rugs. I love the warmth and impact it can give to a room but I don't like how hard they can be to vacuum.

I was reading this article the other day about some basic rules to ensure your rug makes a visual impact or leaves your guests, well, floored.....

There are two approaches when selecting colours or patterns for any rug; you can either allow for it to blend with your interiors or it can be an artistic statement all on its own. Having bold and contrasting rugs in a very neutral space makes an impact without being overwhelming or necessarily disrupting what is in your line of sight. Or you may opt for a neutral rug with monochromatic scheme. If so, it needs to have texture by way of raised pile ribbed weave or flecks of tonal colour. Otherwise, it will look too much like a glorified sheet on the floor.

Choose a rug in your lounge room in a size as big as you can. Sounds a bit counterintuitive, but visually it creates a 'room' in an open-plan living space. Have the feet of your furniture on the rug because it can make the room look bigger.

A rug is perfect if you have floorboards in your bedroom. If you don't have a large room, situate it so that about two-thirds is actually under the bed so that visually the two become one and it gives off the illusion that the room is wider rather than longer. Otherwise place about a third of it under the bed to give a sense of both space and luxury.

Outside rugs are being used alot more. The are practically designed and treated to handle drink and food spills, not to mention our furry friends.

Enjoy your rug shopping. I know I will x