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Make a brave colour splash

November 05, 2019 1 min read

It's all about colour and texture for interior designs this year, so be brave!

Homeowners have become braver and bolder with their interior designs this year as colour makes a comeback and texture takes centre stage.
Across Australia, florals, geometrics and even metallics are taking off in both wallpaper and fabrics, while each state is embracing the incoming trends in different ways.
Interior stylist Hayley Little of 'Mum Little Loves' said this year marked the end of pale and washed out tones as renovators embraced colour and prints. "People are definitely braver with wallpaper making a comeback and looking like it's here to stay. We're seeing the designs change as well, with tropical, floral, geometric patterns and even fruit making an appearance, which is fun."
Ms Little noted colour was a major part of this year's theme, with greens, yellows, orange and citrus all on trend, while metallic accents such as rose gold and pearlescent finishes are appearing.