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January 18, 2018 2 min read

Do you know the difference between Down and Feather?
Downis the light fluffy coating clustered beneath the feathers of waterfowl that protect them from the elements. Most down can be found on the belly of geese and ducks, as this is the part that is exposed to water and must keep the bird warm. Down is a three dimensional cluster with thousands of tiny fibres, but no quill. In every pound of feathers, there are only four to five ounces of down. As nature's most efficient insulator, down is warm, yet light and lofty. It takes 14 wool blankets to equal the temperature control of one down duvet/quilt. Additionally, down has the marvellous ability to breathe, lifting away perspiration so you don't experience the clamminess which often occurs with synthetics.

Feathers; Feathers have quill and are two-dimensional. They are the rigid plumage found on the outside of waterfowl and can range in size from 5cm to several inches. Smaller feathers are often used in bedding products such as feather beds, decorative pillows and various feather and down blends. In bedding, feathers do provide some insulationbut are mostly used for support.


What about this one? On SALE!

Two 50/50 White goose down and feather duvets for year round comfort. These white goose down and feather duvets are ideal for year round use. It includes a light weight duvet for summer, and a medium weight
duvet for Autumn and Spring. Clip the two together and it becomes a
Winter duvet. 
* Sewn through cassette construction for an even fill with no cold spots
* 5 year guarantee
* Luxury down proof cotton casing with 280 thread count fabric
* Decorative piping
* Free storage bag
* Packaged in display carton
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Description Fill Weight Retail $      SALE $
Single         140x210 310/460gm $399       Now  $299
Double       180x210 390/570gm $499       Now  $399 
Queen        210x210 470/680gm $599       Now  $470
King           240x210 550/800gm $699       Now  $550
Super King 270x240 700/1000gm $899       Now  $699