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May 25, 2017 3 min read

Hi there, thank you for visiting. This is our new website which has a 'blog'. I thought I'd start my blog page by telling you a bit more about me (Dominique) and how 'Neeki' came about or probably more so how the Wonder Sheet came about. I've only just started in the last 5 years probably telling 'my story'. I love hearing peoples stories about they came to design or do something amazing because of something that happened in their life.


I was 10 years oldliving in Newcastle NSW with my mum, dad our toy poodle Shelley. It was a normal Saturday with mum and I off to the shops. Dad had a doctors appointment because he hadn't been feeling too well of late.

He came home and said he'd been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease! We didn't know what it was. I remember feeling scared and saying to mum is dad going to die. He was only 39 years old!

He wanted to be honest with his employer so he told them about his condition. Soon after they let him go. Dad lost his confidence with work and just wanted to stay home. He became a 'house husband/dad', a good one at that. This put alot of pressure on mum though because she had to get another job. I know she tried to shelter me from how things were and how they might impact me growing up but I felt we lost the 'normal' part to our family. I soon realised when I started high school there wasn't really a 'normal' in family dynamics. Everyone had 'stuff' going on. 
Dad's disease progressed slowly but rarely got him down. He was always very social and active so being part of a footy club kept him sane and very busy. He was always there to drop me off and pick me up from my part time jobs and other places. We use to fight because we were so much alike but were also very close.
We moved to the Gold Coast when I was 17 years old for a business venture which unfortunately didn't work out for mum and dad. With all the ups and downs we were a strong unit and mum really tried to make sure there was plenty of fun and good times. I was an only child, so no siblings to talk to or share the load but could always talk to mum.
Another 10 years on, Dad told me one day it was getting hard to turn over and get in and out of bed. Mum and I tried to think of what might help. Dad actually said the satin boxer shorts he wore to bed helped a little to move his hips across the bed. He thought we should try making a larger satin panel on the sheet somewhere. I shouldn't take all the credit as it was actually dads idea haha! Love ya dad.
Satin was the keyfabric but not just any satin, a glossy charmeuse satin. It was the most durable, comfortable and luxurious fabric on the market and it worked amazingly well and felt beautiful without feeling clinical. It was all about the position of the satin that made it work so well. The therapeutic benefits were fantastic. We called this amazing product the Wonder Sheet! We trademarked and protected the name and design.


The business name, 'Neeki Designs' comes from my childhood nickname. In primary school my friends started to call me 'Dommy' my name was a little long and a bit difficult to say. Mum didn't like Dommy, she preferred 'Nikki'. I still get called Nikki, along with Dommy or Dom. 

Mum and dad set up a Parkinson's support group which meant I had many members (guinea pigs) willing to try the Wonder Sheet. The feedback was so good I decided to turn it into a hobby. I juggled two jobs.
I loved helping people and hearing that now they can turn over without any help from their husband/wife. It made them feel human again, independent.
To this day I still get a warm fuzzy feeling when I hear how the Wonder Sheet has helped someone turn over in bed or get in and out of bed more easily. Even more so since dads passed away in 2015. Love you to the moon and back Mum and Dad xx

I like to explain the Wonder Sheet as fitted sheet that feels luxurious with therapeutic benefits.

Did you know we custom make bed linen? If satin isn't your thing or you're moving around in bed is ok then try our PolyCotton and Cotton Collections. We can make linen to fit any size or shape, including the Wonder Sheet fitted sheet. 

Thank you again for visiting our website. Enjoy :-)