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June 11, 2019 3 min read

I personally love articles I read about how to make small spaces look larger or clever ideas for small spaces. We have been renovating on and off 8 years now. We are coming up to the 'final' stage which is an extension (and pool) with another lounge room, 4th bedroom, larger dining space and an entrance. I do prefer the word 'foyer' as per House Rules, if anyone watches that.

These 7 ideas are right up my alley. Tell me what you think.

The mission, if you wish to accept it, is to make your home more comfortable no matter its size. So lets get creative and solution focus and see what you think of these ideas.

1. Designate Functional Areas

Consider how you will use the space, and give purpose to different parts of the room. What about if you had to carve a living room, office nook and dining area from one open space; you could by choosing the right rugs. For example, a typical rectangular rug could make the living room look too boxed off, but the curved shape of a cowhide rug could create a more natural flow into that designated area.

2. Invest in a Shallow Depth Lounge/Sofa 

A deep sofa will take up too much space. Think about one that is chic yet comfortable and could fit in the space without monopolizing it. I love this one, its timeless, a smart long term design choice, regardless of spatial limitations.

3. Optimize Vertical Space

The eye has to travel, but a small space doesn’t give it far to go, right? Wrong. Tricking the eye to move up and around is one of the oldest secrets of the interior design trade. There are a few ways to go about it.

  • Create a gallery wall. You might have a collection of personal artwork from your travels around the world that you could frame and install. It will ultimately became the focal point of the space.
  • Add floating shelves. A bookshelf can absorb a lot of space, so lose the bulk and get your float on instead. Style your floating shelves with books and objects or art to keep the eye engaged
  • What about a bar cart. I've been told we aren't allowed one but we'll see about that hehe. Not only is a bar cart’s size ideal for small spaces, its height showcases everyday objects (like glassware and spirits) as something special.

 4. Play with Proportion

If everything in your tiny home is filled with tiny furniture, it’ll look like a doll’s house. So don’t be afraid to vary scale. Why not mix new pieces with older ones full of character for a more personalized look.

5. Bistro Table vs Big Kitchen Table

Depending on the size of your family of course but you probably don’t need a full sized kitchen table – especially if you’re living in a small space. So why not look at a bistro table, instead! They’re petite yet totally functional. Also great as a lot of houses have amazing yards that are large enough to accommodate a larger table for dinner parties. So there was no need to compromise space inside the house.


6. Install a Wraparound Kitchen Bench

If you’re not finding the solution to your small space challenge, create one. Maybe chairs are crowding the dining/kitchen area, so what about a bench? Its a cozy wraparound design that you can paint and even add cushions or storage underneath. You'd be surprised how many people can actually fit here!

7. Get Plants Plants Plants!

More is more when it comes to greenery at home. Plants add life (literally), but also dimension and visual interest to a space (look at that cactus!). Ask your local nursery to select the right plants for your home. You could anchor each functional area with a large plant or succulent and then fill in nooks with smaller ones. Don’t overlook the planters, either! Ceramics are another way to make a big impact on a small space.