Fitted Flat Sheet

Our unique 'Fitted Flat' sheet design takes making the bed to another level!
Bye Bye to the boring flat sheet, also known as a top sheet.
HELLO......... to making the bed easier and faster
A flat sheet that has the bottom corners cut out so it looks like a fitted sheet with elastic along the bottom and approximately 20 cm up the sides of the sheet. It stays tucked in because of the elastic. No more hospital corners or saggy sheets that just won’t stay in place!
Help the husbands, boyfriends and kids to make the bed. Make it easy for them and yourself.

If you're one of those people that love to have your foot out the side of the bed, you're in luck you can still do that with this design.

 You'll see the option under the 'Custom Made Collections' in Flat Sheet and Sheet Sets. Choose 'YES' to experience this practical and time saving design.